Thank you for sharing your voice

Over 11,000 of you took the time to complete the My VCH survey and share your thoughts. That number represents 63 percent of staff and physicians from across our region! Thank you for sharing your views.

Join a My VCH all-staff forum

The survey has given us a lot of data and comments to analyze, much of which are more easily shared face to face. Take part in one of the following upcoming staff forums-either in person or by webcast-so you can learn more about our results and how we intend to move forward.

The forums will be consistent across VCH, so plan to attend the forum that best works for your schedule and where you work or live:

  • November 22, from 12 - 1p.m. at Lions Gate Hospital in the Gymnasium. Watch the archived webcast
  • November 30, from 10 - 11 a.m. at Richmond Hospital in the Ralph Fisher Auditorium
  • December 6, from 2 - 3 p.m. at Vancouver General Hospital in the Paetzold Auditorium, or by webcast

For those of you who can't attend, all information shared at the forums will be available on this website starting November 22. We will also be reaching out to ask how you'd like to share your ideas and participate as we move forward.

All-Staff Forum materials

My VCH survey highlights and what's next

A message from Mary Ackenhusen, President and CEO

Last month I asked you to take part in the My VCH survey, posing the question "What if...?"

The purpose was to hear from you about your experiences working at VCH, so we can decide what needs to be done to create our new future. Ultimately, the survey was designed to assess the overall "health" of our organization, and determine the impact of that on our culture and performance.

When the My VCH survey closed on October 6, I was inspired to see over 11,000 of you took the time to complete it and share your thoughts. That number represents 63 percent of staff and physicians from across our region and I want to thank you for sharing your views.

What we heard from you

The survey results echo what many of you shared with me first hand during the survey window-namely that too many of you are frustrated with the system and feel undervalued. Seeing this collective experience in our survey results has affected me deeply; I appreciate that this is not the organization we aspire to be.

We have a long way to go in becoming a healthy organization-one where employees feel that their voice matters and they can be both a participant in and a driver of positive change. That said, we now know where we stand and we have clear information on which we can act and improve.

After reflecting on the survey results and my experiences with VCH over the years, I'd like to share what I have come to believe about our organization...

Read the full message from Mary in VCH News.

Our Progress

employees have completed the survey

  • V-Acute
  • V-Community
  • Richmond
  • Coastal
    • 25%
    • 50%
    • 75%
    • 100%

Vancouver Acute

Vancouver Community



Frequently Asked Questions

Download a document of answers to common questions about the My VCH survey. If you have other questions, please contact us

What is the "My VCH Survey"? What's different from the VCH People First (Gallup) survey?

Unlike many other employee surveys such as Gallup, the My VCH Survey is built on an Organizational Health Index which looks at nine areas that are considered key to creating a thorough picture of how "healthy" an organization is. Some of these areas include the way a company creates alignment, executes with excellence, and adapts to changing circumstances to achieve long-term success. When all of these things are working well, generally speaking, employees feel satisfied and able to do their best work - in other words, there is a "healthy" environment in place.

And research shows that the health of an organization explains 50% of its performance. This means that organizations, like VCH, need to manage their health, as well as meet short-term performance expectations in order to sustain success over time.

Click here to read a fact sheet about the My VCH Survey.
Why are we doing this?

As an organization we are unable to meet the growing demand for services. We are rapidly reaching the point when our patients outnumber our providers, our acute and residential care beds are full, and we cannot provide all of the care our communities deserve. And, it isn't from lack of trying. We have our True North framework and we have identified where we want our organization to be in 3-5 years in our "Future State" goals, and we have excellent people doing their best to keep up.

But time is running out - and we know many of you are feeling run down and frustrated with immense workloads. Something has to change if we are to meet service demands AND take care of our staff and physicians. The My VCH Survey will gather your observations and experience of working at VCH. It will help us identify the areas where we can make improvements that have the potential to create a better workplace environment and in doing so, also make us a more effective organization.

What are the dates for the survey?

The survey will be open from Monday, September 25th up to and including Friday, October 6th.

When and where can I take the survey?

The survey is open for participation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week between Sep 25th and Oct 6th. The survey is only available online, but can be accessed and completed from any computer with an Internet connection. It can also be completed from your home computer or tablet. Although it is available on smartphone devices such as Blackberry, iPhone or Android phones, it is not optimized for those devices and would be best completed on a computer, laptop or tablet, like an iPad.

Why should I participate?

Sharing your honest thoughts about our organization's health will help drive real change. A confidential survey is one of the best ways we have to gather the feelings and opinions of staff from across our organization with the goal of improving the way we provide care to our patients and clients - and also how we care for each other. It is an investment in our staff to ensure we have what we need to be successful in our work. There's a serious commitment by VCH's most senior leaders to seeing this through and doing something with the results. And there are prizes - contests, daily draws and a social media campaign that everyone is encouraged to get involved in!

Is the survey voluntary?

The survey is voluntary; all employees have the right to decline participation and be supported in their decision. That said, the more people participate, the greater the end impact can be. Participating in the survey allows you to express your opinions and help make a difference in your workplace, give senior leaders real and first-person insight into your day-to-day work experiences, and will ultimately help us to improve access and quality of care for the patients, families and communities we serve. We really hope you will complete it.

What do we expect to get out of it?

The information you provide in your survey responses will help us determine where our opportunities are for improvement and what obstacles are hindering our ability to execute on our priorities. It will also help identify our strengths which we will continue to build on. So if there are systemic challenges you've always wanted to address, or workplace practices you are particularly proud of, this is the time to talk about them!

Is the survey confidential? Will my responses be identifiable?

The survey is confidential and your responses are not identifiable. Each eligible employee will receive a unique link by email to access his or her own personal survey. The unique link allows you to return to your survey if you do not finish it in one sitting. Neither your email address nor any of your personally identifiable data will be connected to your responses. The survey is being administered by McKinsey & Company, an independent consulting firm with a presence in Vancouver that specializes in these types of organization surveys. McKinsey will receive your responses directly, analyze the results, and report back to us on their findings, which we will then use to create an action plan customized to our needs and your feedback. In reporting the results, only aggregates and percentages based on the total number of responses are shared. The comments provided for any open-ended questions in the survey will be grouped together with those from all other staff and randomized.

Learn more about survey confidentiality - you can print and post this bulletin in your workplace.

We already run a lot of surveys-why are we running another one?

Rather than making assumptions about what needs to change, VCH is going to gather evidence. The first step is survey. It's called the My VCH survey. Most employee surveys focus on satisfaction and engagement in isolation. The survey tool we are using (the Organizational Health Index, or OHI) does not try to do this. It looks at nine elements of organizational health to create a thorough picture of how "healthy" an organization is and allows results to be benchmarked against similar institutions. At first glance, the survey questions may feel too "business oriented," but they have been tested over 20 years and proven to be reliable in assessing the health of large, complex organizations - and in yielding meaningful action plans that leaders and staff can address together. The survey has been validated against 1,300+ surveys from other organizations and 1,300,000+ employees, including approximately 40 health care organizations.

How do I claim my prize?

1. Save the MyVCH survey completion confirmation email you received from MyVCH, which contains your unique completion code in the body of the email

2. Visit daily to check winning codes or look for the prize-winning posters around your area

3. If your code matches one of the winning codes, forward the following information to

  • THE ENTIRE EMAIL YOU RECEIVED WITH YOUR UNIQUE CODE (Include date and time of email)

4. After the survey closes on October 6, 2017, you will be contacted with details on how to claim your prize. Congratulations!

Deadline Date

Prizes must be claimed by December 31, 2017.

What are the prize rules and eligibility?

When do prize draws take place?

Draws take place daily; the morning following the previous day.

How are winners chosen?

Winners will be randomly drawn from the unique completion codes generated from completed surveys. Codes will accumulate over the duration of the survey. The earlier you take the survey, the more chances to win!

Who is eligible to win prizes?

Anyone who completes the MyVCH survey and has a unique completion code is eligible to win a prize. Only one prize per code will be awarded. Prizes may not be exchanged or transferred.


We have a few prizes that have yet to be claimed. You received an email with a unique code after you completed the My VCH survey - compare your code against the remaining unclaimed prize codes.
Learn how to claim your prize here.